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Chillin' and Grillin' at Fenton Lake: A Guide to Ice Fishing in Jemez Springs

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to trade the warm sun for the crisp chill of winter, armed with a fishing rod and a desire for adventure?  Well, wonder no more!  Welcome to the world of ice fishing, where the thrill of catching fish is matched only by the breathtaking beauty of the frozen landscapes.  Fenton Lake in Jemez Springs, offers an exceptional ice fishing experience that will make you appreciate winter in a whole new light.

Fenton Lake frozen over
Fenton Lake

What is Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing is essentially fishing in frozen lakes or rivers, where enthusiasts drill holes through the ice to drop their lines and try their luck at catching fish beneath.

It’s a unique and rewarding experience that brings together the joy of fishing with the challenges of winter weather.

At Fenton Lake, the tranquility of the frozen surface adds an extra layer of magic to this age-old pastime.

How to Ice Fish

Ice fishing may seem daunting to beginners, but fear not!  All you need is a reliable auger to drill a hole through the ice, a simple fishing rod or tip-up, and a bit of patience.  Set up your gear, drop your baited hook into the icy depths, and wait for the telltale tug.  Fenton Lake is stocked with rainbow trout, providing an excellent opportunity for both novice and experienced anglers to enjoy a successful day on the ice.

What supplies do I need to ice fish?

To embark on your ice fishing adventure at Fenton Lake, make sure to pack warm clothing, as the New Mexico winter can be chilly.

Bring a sturdy ice auger, a fishing rod or tip-up, and some bait – worms, minnows, or artificial lures work well.  Don’t forget a comfortable chair, a thermos of hot cocoa, and a cooler for your catch of the day.

With these essentials, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the frozen waters of Fenton Lake.

Note:  Chainsaws are NOT allowed to cut holes in the ice.  Fires are Not allowed on the ice.

Man ice fishing on Fenton Lake

Safe and Sound on the Ice

When venturing onto the ice at Fenton Lake, always remember that it is at your own risk.  Take extra caution, especially in areas around the shoreline where the ice may be thin due to runoff.  Carefully choose your entry points onto the ice, avoiding any questionable areas.  Safety is a team effort, so it’s strongly recommended not to fish alone.

Ensure that you wear a lifejacket at all times to provide an additional layer of protection. Keep your fishing holes small in size and few in number to maintain the structural integrity of the ice.  It’s essential to spread out while ice fishing, as having too many people gathered in one area can exceed the ice’s safe capacity.  By following these safety measures, you’ll enhance your ice fishing experience at Fenton Lake while prioritizing your well-being and that of your fellow anglers.

Beyond the Ice: Explore the Wonders Surrounding Fenton Lake

Fenton Lake is not just a solitary fishing spot; it’s surrounded by a treasure trove of natural wonders.  Just a short drive away, you’ll find the majestic Jemez Falls, where the frozen cascade creates a winter wonderland straight from a postcard.  If you’re up for a warm reprieve after a day on the ice, Spence Hot Springs offers a relaxing soak amidst scenic landscapes.  And then there’s Battleship Rock, a massive volcanic rock formation that stands as a testament to the geological wonders of the Jemez Mountains.  Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just seeking a serene escape, these nearby attractions complement your ice fishing adventure, making Fenton Lake an all-encompassing destination for nature lovers.

Ice Fishing at Fenton Lake: Surrounded by Nature's Finest Spectacles

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your gear, bundle up, and head to Fenton Lake for an unforgettable ice fishing experience surrounded by the stunning beauty of Jemez Springs.  It’s time to create winter memories that will warm your heart long after the ice has melted.

Park Winter Hours

7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Visitor Information

Lake Fork Rd side of the lake is now closed.  Fenton Lake Rd, the main side, will remain open. Campsites 1E-5E will remain open but campsites 1-30 are closed.  You must have a reservation to camp at Fenton.  Water has been shut off so please bring your own water.  To make reservations please call 1-877-664-7787

Ice Measurements

As of January 5, 2024 – Three feet out:  5.5″ of clear ice and 4″ of white ice.  Six feet out:  5.5″ clear ice and 4″ of white ice.  Twelve feet out 6″ of clear ice and 4″ of white ice.

Where is Fenton Lake State Park?

Fenton Lake is located 13 miles north of Battleship Rock.  Head north on New Mexico-4. Turn west on New Mexico 126 for approximately 9 miles. Turn west on Lake Fork Road.

GPS Coordinates: 35.88292, -106.72527

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