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Drive Through the Historic Gilman Tunnels

When you can’t go over or around a mountain, simply drive right through it.  Right at the Guadalupe Box, you can experience driving through solid granite rock at the Gilman Tunnels in Jemez Springs.

Gilman Tunnels
Gilman Tunnels in Jemez Springs

Also known as the Jemez Tunnels, the channel was formerly used in the mid 1920s for about two decades to transport logs from the Jemez Mountains using the Santa Fe Northwestern Railway.

Upon the discontinuation of the Santa Fe Northwestern Railway, the tunnels were converted into what is now Forest Road 376.

While on your way to Soda Dam, Battleship Rock or Jemez Falls, the Gilman Tunnels should make your must-see list.

Can you drive through the Gilman Tunnels?

Yes, Forest Road 376 goes directly through the Gilman Tunnels.  Virtually any non-commercial vehicle will fit.  You’ll just need to share the road as only one vehicle will fit at one time.

Did you know?

The Gilman Tunnels is the location of several Hollywood films, including The Scorch Trials, The Lone Ranger and 3:10 to Yuma.

The south tunnel is approximately 100 feet long and the north tunnels is approximately 125 feet.

The tunnels are named after William H. Gilman.  Mr. Gilman was a Santa Fe Northwestern Railway executive who died of a stroke at his home in Bernalillo, New Mexico in 1931.


There are virtually no amenities available at the Gilman Tunnels.  However, there is limited parking available just past the north tunnel.

Rio Guadalupe


Visitors of the Gilman Tunnels can access the river, but rock climbing within the box canyon is not permitted.

Where are the Gilman Tunnels?

The Gilman Tunnels are located in Jemez Springs off State Forest Road 376, about 15 miles south of Soda Dam.  From Highway 485 & Highway 4, head west on Highway 485 as it merges into Forest Road 376.  Stay on Forest Road 376 for about 5 miles until you arrive.

GPS Coordinates: 35.73457, -106.76442

Weather at the Gilman Tunnels
Cabin in Jemez Springs

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